Dr. Guillotine's Fantabulous HorrorLand

Tired of having all that fun of Halloween go away once the season is over, and you have to go back to that regular theme park? Don't you wish you could satiate that hunger for horror and fear all year long? Well your answer is here! Dr. Guillotine's Fantabulous HorrorLand, a year-round horror theme park that takes your favorite films, legends, folklore, and real life horrors and brings them to one park thanks to the magic of Dr. Guillotine.

Killed for his magical ways, Dr. Guillotine has risen from the grave to bring all the horrors of man's imagination and reality to haunt those who have scorn him... and you can come too. Come for a day with a day ticket, or come multiple times with an Annual Plan, where you can reserve a plot in the grave. Rides, freak shows, parades, mazes, and roaming monsters await you. Come by any time, life or death.