Shit's Fucked Membershit

If you've ever bought a copy of Shit's Fucked or Strange Romance, there is a mail in where you can sign up to be a member of Shit's Fucked Membershit! This includes a physical Membershit card sent to you so you can show off to all your friends, as well as monthly discount codes and early access to new zines and books being published by Shit Sux. There will also be bi-monthly membership prize drawings! Prizes include vintage weird books, virtual monies to use in the store, weird little horror paraphernalia, and more! Send in those applications kids! 

Zed's Killer Love/Hate Mailing Program


If you're interested click here!

Submission Guidelines

Here are the basic guidelines to the submission of zines:

  • Visual Arts must be in the size of 5.5" by 8.5" with a safety line of 0.25"
  • Visual Arts must be a single page. Please submit as a PDF, with the highest quality as possible.
  • Comics must be no more than four pages. Please submit as a PDF, with the highest quality as possible.
  • Prose must be no more than 2,500 words
  • Prose must be submitted as an attachment of either Word or Pages.
  • Poetry: use caution with length. Also as an attachment.

Content Guideline:

  • Gore or violence is acceptable and will not be censored
  • Hate speech, racism, ableism, homophobia and any other forms of hatred will not be accepted to the zine UNLESS it is part of the story line. This means that there can be racist or asshole characters in your submission but it must not PROMOTE in any way these types of hatred, or show these positions in a positive light.
  • Issues are printed in FULL COLOR but limited color or black and white is accepted.

Zine Crush

In Memory of... an awesome zine, we're going to continue their legacy. If you have a crush on a zinester or zine send us your crush letter on our contact page and put whether you want it anonymous or public, and we're gonna start posting it on our blog section.

If you know someone from Zine Crush, tell them about it! That way we can try to get them back!

Coffee or Tea?

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