Our Zines

We have a variety of zines and upcoming zines. From strange to normal. From peachy keen to fucking mean.


Shit's Fucked

In the depths of the minds of filthy people and serial killers, there's a lot of psychological pus that spews out. There's only one place to seep that into and it's Shit's Fucked. This zine is an homage to late '50s horror literature, penny dreadfuls, and crusty '80s fanzines. Each issue has a theme it follows with works by the resident writers and contributing artists. If you're a fan of the occult, horror films, and strange people, pick up a copy! You'll love it.


Strange Romance

Love is as strange as any murder. Strange Romance is a collection of up and coming writers, artists, and poets writing about the horrors of love. Whether it's about the remnant of the one you loved, or your gleeful murder of the one you love, it's here just for you!


Strange Comics

Mini-Comics series about our favorite shit. These can turn a little dark at times. The first is the Troy McClure adventure, Dig Yr Own Grave and Save! Next up is a Flapjack Adventure.


I May Never Be OK

Personal essays by Iggy Nicklbottum on love and love lost. Really messed up shit, really.