Itchy and Scratchy (and maybe Poochy)

I really like classic Simpsons episodes. A lot. I quote them sometimes when an occasion comes by and then I watch some shows and laugh and laugh, and then go to sleep or work. Whatever comes up. Anyway, I was pretty excited about the whole Springfield, USA area coming to Universal Studios Hollywood, as I was a pass member and a fan of the park. Now, I really hate that a lot of merchandising is complete shit for places. Especially theme parks! So I sought to make my own thing for my trips to Universal and Springfield... so I decided to make Itchy and Scratchy hats! Kinda like those that you would get at another theme park with a rodent... so I did!

I set off to make them and recruited my sister to be a painter to help me with it. Behold!

Next, I'm gonna add more details to this... then a Poochy hat!