X and Song of the Week: Rocket To Your Heart

Ugh. Things just weren't going great, but fortunately I went to see an amazing band last night. But yesterday didn't start so good. You see, I bought tickets to see X last night for my friends Siouxsie and I. Yesterday morning, when I woke up, I had a text from Siouxsie saying she couldn't come because she had the stomach flu. Stomach flu. Yeah, right. That's the excuse I used to use in High School whenever I wanted to leave. I know this is some revenge for ditching her last minute to kick it with her, so I see you!

Anyway, I had to rush because I really wanted to see X, but I hate going to shows by myself! It's strange, lonely... and mostly lonely. I hate being alone at events. It's depressing. Kudos to everyone who can do that but not me. After being desperate and texting everyone I knew including people I haven't seen in ages and an ex, I finally got someone to go with me! My good ol' homie Magali.

I picked her up, and we went to grub at Iron Press for some Karl Strauss's 25th Anniversary string beer and Irish Nachos (sans bacon). After having some delicious cheese waffles we booked it to see the amazing X play all of Los Angeles!

"Hi, we're X and we're pretty great!"/X site

"Hi, we're X and we're pretty great!"/X site

We noticed right away when we got to the venue that we were the youngest people there. The crowd was full of old rockers and punks. It was amazing, as Magali and I love old punks because they're just being themselves for all these years and just chillin', you know? They bring so much hope to little punks like us. You know, little flowers just chillin' in our own. Bless us all.

Anyway, we careened inside to see all the people and find a spot. We squeezed through a small crevice, into a tight squeeze. The lights dimmed, and the people screamed! Link Wray's Rumble played as some folks walked up to the stage. Their shadows brought another boom from the crowd... the colored lights shown and there they were. They smiled, and I was amazed! Being a young fan, I have only seen them in their youth and vinyl covers, etc. Sometimes you forget these are people and people age.

 DJ Bonebrake hit his sticks three times and

X playing the entirety of Los Angeles + more!

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Whoo! The crowd went wild, we all sand along as you would at an Irish pub with the locals. They played amazingly, and we danced until we couldn't anymore then danced some more. But dancing wasn't enough. It was time to get into the pit, and so we did! How can you be at an X concert and not try to get into the pit? This is a once in a life time opportunity... well maybe you can see them a few more times. Four tops.

So we got in!

X pit with @magichan

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Fully satisfied and X gone, we booked it to Fullerton to get some late night coffee and croissants at the Night Owl. On the way, I had my disco mix in the car and Rocket To Your Heart by Lisa played. It was the perfect end. Rocket To Your Heart is ten minutes long, and it's pure joy! In the middle there is an instrumental that just makes you wanna dance! You need to listen to it!

So you will, as the song of the week. Here is Rocket To Your Heart by Lisa (1983)