Song of the Week: Marquee Moon by Television

Have you ever had a song that for the life of you you could not get enough of? This was that song for me. The guitar, oh my god. It was perfect! It was repetitive as fuck but I could not care less! This song was orgasmic! I could listen to it for hours! Hours I say! I did, too. I put this song on repeat on my way anywhere and every time I would sing along.

I rememberrrrrr how the darknesssss doubled!

This is Marquee Moon by Television

For those of you in the audience who don't know, Television was one of the classic '70s New York Rock/Punk scene artists who would eventually become a fixture of rock in that era. Ever heard of Blondie or Talking Heads? No? Yes you have, shut up. These guys played with them on stage in places such as the big, now defunct CBGBs where every band you have ever loved played. 

You may be thinking why are these guys songs so damn long? Well, they're a Jazz influenced Rock band so improvisation is king! This is what they did on stage, and that is what they tried to convey on record. but of course like Jazz, it must be experienced in person to delight in the true sound of improvisational love. So go to YouTube as you will never see them! Even though they say they're back together and recording an album and they're almost finished but we all know how that goes, right Dr. Dre??? 

Man, at least Deltron 3030 finally released their new album.