Song of theWeek: Gary's In the Park by Gary Wilson

Stones Throw, man. One of the best hip hop record labels around. After all the bull with other labels getting shut down for stupid reasons, this label has always been there releasing independents and releasing amazing music by great artists; J Dilla, MF DOOM. Mayer Hawthorne, Lootpack,and Madlib are just some of these amazing artists.

But did you know that they also release artists that have been gone for a while? Or releasing records from artists who are deep underground? Well here's one. A newer song by Gary Wilson, the weirdo artist who was known mostly in the 90s from an album he released in the 70s and has returned once more in the millennium. A strange artist with undeniably good music.

Here is Gary's In The Park by Gary Wilson his newest single when rediscovered again. This has a beat you can just chill and vibe to. This song is not accessible to all, but the most accessible of any, and if you do like it you should definitely check out his other works. This is off the Mary Had Brown Hair album. 



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